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We have been really busy working on our trees.  Several were cut down and the large pecan trees were pruned in the front yard.  Many thanks to Trimmer Up Tree Service for doing such a great job safely and efficiently.  We now have lots of firewood available and good pecan wood for smoking in your BBQ's.
Don did the firewood cutting and Gigi did the stacking.  We worked all week to clean up all the limbs from the pruning.
The first spring flowers are already in bloom, along with the pear trees and one of our peach trees.  Hopefully, we'll get some fruit this summer.  The plum and fig trees planted last fall seem to be doing well.  Gigi is ever watchful of her Meyer lemon tree.  Covering it when it gets below freezing.  We'll see how well it does this year.
Autauga Creek
We had a really nice group of people from the Autauga Creek clean up crew spend the evening with us on Saturday, February 2nd.  They worked all day from their canoes and kayaks cleaning up the debris in the creek.  We all enjoyed a warm campfire and homemade chili and garlic bread after the day was done at our Gazebo group area.  Many thanks to all their hard work on the creek.  They are truly making a difference in our community and making the creek a great place to come visit.  So bring your canoes and kayaks, or just rent one for the day at Prattville Power Sports just down the road from us.
Meet little Maggie!  She is the newest addition to our pet community!  Cute, as cute can be.... 
Pet friendly   
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