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Hungarian bacon roasting and fun times!

campfireNever heard of bacon roasting Hungarian style?
Let me tell you it is really yummy. This was always a special treat when we were growing up.  Don calls it cardiac corner.  Well, you only go around once.
You take slab bacon and cut it into approximately 3x4" chunks.  Lightly score the top and put it on a sturdy roasting stick close to the rind of the bacon.
You need a good campfire with lots of glowing coals.  We like to use the pecan wood.  It makes a nice fire.  Slowly roast your bacon over the coals, turning so it roasts even on all sides.  When it starts to drip, hold the bacon over good bread to catch the drippings. I like to also put thinly sliced red onion on my bread and then put the drippings on it.  Add a little salt.  Life is good!
outdoor recreation
My sister, Kathy and George came for a 2 week visit.  It was great to have them and we appreciated the extra hand.  Don and I actually went out to dinner together and did some sightseeing.  First chance since we arrived here 2 years ago.  George is a fabulous BBQ'r and Kathy is a great cook.  We ate well and it was such a nice break to have other food for a change.  I definetely get stuck in cooking ruts.
Don getting "help" from Jack on the tractor.  Kids having fun eating s'mores.  Mother's Day morning coffee.
campfire nights
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