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407, 2012

Autauga Creek Canoe Trail

Happy 4th of July and God Bless America!! It's been really hot.  I never thought I would say that 90 degrees felt cool, but after 100 plus degrees last week, it did.  The pool was the place to be. The big news is our local Autauga Creek is now part of the Alabama Scenic River Trail.  [...]

706, 2012

Summer is coming….

The days are warming up and the pool feels mighty fine!  The poolside hanging flower baskets are really looking great.  Thank you Christie for helping plant the baskets! Lots of fun was had by all on Cinco De Mayo.  We had a great potluck, horseshoe games, campfire, marshmellows and pinata for the kids. The local blue berries are [...]

2404, 2012

Spring gardening and more

Time flies so fast.  Spring has been busy planting trees, starting the square foot garden, painting picnic tables and getting the buildings and grounds ready for a great summer.  The continuous bloom of flowers has been spectacular. It was so warm in March, that we opened the pool April 1st, a month early.  The water is definetly refreshing and the [...]

1102, 2012

Spring is here!

Wow!  It's February and spring has sprung already. Walked out early the other morning and there was an amazing chorus of songbirds everywhere.  Robins, cardinals and wrens were visiting by the hundreds!  Their songs filled the air with a roar.  It was quite the sight!  Miss Kitty thought so too. Don and I continue to work alot outside.  It has [...]

2601, 2012

New beginnings at Kountry Air RV Park

Welcome to our blog! This is all new for us.  We are excited about being in Alabama and love Kountry Air RV Park.  Our adventure started in June 2011 as new owners of the park.  Don and I left Carson City, in northern Nevada, with two dogs and a cat, my sister Kathy, and wearing our winter coats with [...]

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